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Name:Cain Abraham Callahan
Birthdate:Feb 15
hello, hello
hello memories return
bridges I've burned
the lessons I taught weren't the lessons I learned
and somehow I got this far
but I don't, I don't, I don't know how man

and sometimes I can't tell the truth from a lie
but then I realize
I'm just lonely
I'm just lonely
I'm just lonely

Cain was a product of the worst streets of Detroit, Michigan. Street thug father dead when he was two, junkie mother living for her next fix, shot dead during a bad deal when he was fifteen. From the word ‘go,’ Cain Abraham was dealt a crap hand by God and everyone, set to become just another statistic in the anals of drug abuse, gang violence, and state crime rates. He had nothing going for him save a budding drug habit and a knack for avoiding the cops…at least for a while.

Then Felicia Callahan came along and changed everything.

He was a month shy of sixteen when he was deposited on her doorstep. A long term foster care provider, known by county social workers for being able to help the toughest cases, Felicia took on Cain at his worst: dealing, using, violent behavior personified. She was strict, physically touch, and brutally insightful. She was aggressive, demanding, and endlessly suspicious…but she also listened to him, supported his recovery as he got clean, and defended him against harm so violently that often, Cain had no idea how to handle her. For his first birthday under her roof, Felicia not only celebrated, but gave him gifts: sixteen dollars and a copy of GRAY’S ANATOMY after noting that biology was the only class in school he didn’t complain about doing homework for. She gave him what no one else in his life ever had: a fair shake, and a lot of love along the way.

With her help, Cain not only got clean, but got his grades up and set his sights on medical school. Shortly before he turned eighteen, Cain allowed Felicia to adopt him…and for the rest of his life, was devoted to the woman he believed saved his life. His mother was his proof in the existence of God, so much so that he later found religion as a Roman Catholic. Later, he even went so far as to turn down a rare opportunity to attend John Hopkins with a free ride so he could attend school closer to home and be near his mom. Graduating from Wayne State, Cain was never far from Felicia’s side, and was always there to help her with her other volatile foster charges, such as his future sister, Valkyrie.

He was twenty one the first time he saw an aura. He was twenty two when he confessed what was happening to his mother…only to find out that it wasn’t rehabilitation that his mother specialized in: it was the supernatural.

As it turned out, Felicia Callahan had been born Felicia Brazell, and she’d been born into old money down Georgia way. There were a few witches in the family, but a little research into her family tree revealed that she came from a long line of powerful magic that could trace its roots back to Salem itself, to witches gifted with powers rooted in vision and foresight. The Brazells attempted to keep the bloodlines pure, but intermarriage with humans and other supernatural elements tainted the lineage. Researching accounts of distant cousins burdened with power that drove them mad, cousins her family would not aid because they were “lesser stock,” Felicia left Atlanta and eventually fell in love with the man she would later marry. When her husband, a Navy man, died at sea, Felicia found solace in her grief by working with children…specifically, children potentially burdened with power they knew nothing about, power that could be ruining their lives.

With Felicia’s help, and the help of some friendly witches, Cain learned to not only control his power, but use it on the job without raising too much suspicion. Once again, his mother was his saving grace…and though his faith didn’t send him into Mass as often as he would have liked, more than once he found himself dropping into a church to find a pew, pull out his rosary, and offer up a full round of prayer in thanks for his good fortune.

It could have been the perfect end to a perfect story…but life is never perfect.

Cain was thirty two years old when Felicia Callahan was killed not far from home, a victim of street violence. His sister, a police officer on duty at the time, was the one to call him.

Cain and Valkyrie left Detroit less than a year later, hoping to find a fresh start elsewhere. Cain, a trauma surgeon with a cardiac specialty, found work for a while in Rhode Island while Valkyrie, who shared their mother’s Salem roots, lived in Massachusetts for a time. After three years apart, Valkyrie finally rejoined Cain for a couple of years until the pair finally decided they were going to try again for that fresh start…this time, as a family, the way Felicia would have wanted.

And so they headed for Siren Cove…

So not Cain Callahan. So not Matthew Fox. Cain Callahan is an original creation and solely my property, as are all contents of this journal except as otherwise noted. Sue me not, for I am poor, and steal at the risk of losing an eye to the Gods of Fandom. ;p
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