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[Cain's work]

You've reached the voicemail for Dr. Cain Callahan, I'm either on another call or in surgery. If this is a life threatening emergency, please hang up and dial 911. Otherwise, leave a detailed message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If this is a critical situation, but not a life-threatening emergency, hang up and text me. I will get back to you within an hour.

[Cain's personal cell]

Yeah, it's me. Hang the fuck up and text me. Yes, Kiki, that means you, too, you dizzy little shit.

[Please specify if calling his personal or his work cell.]
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"...think you get off on this bullshit?! I got news for you, asshole, we don't work in a fucking restaurant! This is a goddamn hospital, you can't just space out on a fucking order and return the plate if the customer don't like what he gets! I am warnin' you, Feeney, I catch you working one of my patients again and you don't fucking call me before you put a needle in his goddamn vein? I will do worse than have your fucking job, I will shove my foot so far up your ass you'll be puking up my goddamn shoelaces, am I clear?"

"...I'm sorry, Dr. Callahan. Please, I'm sorry..."

Cain shoved the chart in his hand back into the male nurse's hands as hard as he could without the guy pressing charges. "Goddamn right you are. Get the fuck outta my sight 'fore I do something monumentally stupid. That shit's contagious today, I swear to fucking Christ."

The nurse walked away, pale and breathless while the rest of the nurses on the floor stared at him, many openly gaping.

"What is this, a goddamn circus? Get the fuck back to work, all of you." Cain snarled, still seething but far more quietly this time.

As activity slowly resumed again, Cain's attention was drawn by a tiny round of applause from beyond the counter. Looking up, he saw his sister clapping, a broad grin on her face.

"Look at you, then!" Valkyrie giggled as he stalked towards her, emerging from the nurse's station to accept an eager hug from the tiny brunette. "What was it this time, someone give your patient scratchy sheets?"

"No, Levaquin." Cain grunted, holding her tight as she flung herself into his arms. He shut his eyes, taking a couple deep breaths to try and calm himself down...which was easier with an armful of sunshine.

the day to day can become such a grind...the mediocre can make you lose your mind... )

((OOC: Feel free to find Cain with his sister, either enjoying her company over coffee or lunch...or yes: walking down the street with a passive young woman waving cheerfully at your muse while slung over Cain's shoulder. Otherwise, Cain can also be found alone after lunch, probably heading back towards the hospital.))
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"Oi, don't shout! I'm right fuckin' here, what d'you want?"

Cain Callahan glanced up from the kitchen counter, glaring at the athletic brunette with a head full of wild brown curls and bright green eyes that was trudging sleepily out of the living room, a cup of coffee in hand...still dressed in boy short panties and a sweatshirt.

"Could you maybe not wander around the fuckin' house in your goddamn underwear?" Cain groused.

Valkyrie Callahan merely flipped him off with a sleepy smile as she paused for a sip of her coffee. "Make me, big brother."

"Whatever...that shit got sugar in it?"


"You check your sugar this morning?"

"75, fasting."

Cain raised an eyebrow. "You ok?"

"Had some orange juice before the coffee...stop fussing!" Valkyrie whined, voice still thick with the British accent that only came on hard and fast when she was pissed off or tired. "I feel fine, I'll recheck after I've had something to eat...what the bloody fuck are you doing, hmm? Shouldn't you be in the shower by now?"

Cain glared again, giving his attention back to the hand he had over the kitchen sink. "Splinter in my goddamn hand."

"Were you punching poor, defenseless trees again?"

"I was runnin' late on my jog, did some work while I was out--can you stop mocking my shit and come fucking help me already, you mouthy little bitch?"

Valkyrie just giggled, dancing up to kiss Cain's cheek before she plucked the tweezers out of his free hand. "Promise not to be a wuss?"

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